Monday, June 13, 2011

Kleenex Comfort Review results :)

Hey everyone! It's wonderful to be back in Malaysia after my brief visit to awe-inspiring London :) I have exciting news to share with you, you may remember the Kleenex review I did some time ago, and guess what? I got an email from Sophia of Indeed Communications today which said:

Dearest mommy bloggers!  What can I say - YOU'RE THE WINNERS!  Your blog review of the new range of Kleenex Tissues is simply wonderful! 
I'm delighted to let you know that you've won yourself RM200 worth of Kleenex Tissue products! :-)

At this point, we're having a discussion on how best to hand the prizes to you as it's really a lot of tissues here...please give us some time to sort this out and we'll definitely keep you posted yeah!


Isn't that wonderful? Thank you Kleenex and Indeed Communications!

* Update - 17 June 2011
I received word today that instead of getting RM200 worth of Kleenex tissues, I'm getting an RM200 Jusco shopping voucher. Hurray! I hope to use it to offset my grocery bill next month!

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