Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Sexy Asian Cars for Women @ Gorgeous magazine

While I was in London last month, I took on an assignment from Gorgeous magazine to compile a list of 10 "sexy" Asian cars for women. I picked up the magazine yesterday and the layout looks great, but I noticed that they didn't credit me in the article or contributor's page. I'm a wee bit disappointed, as I wasn't aware that my name wasn't going to be used. I did write in to ask why... but anyway, I'm still proud of the effort that I put into this, particularly as I worked on it while I was in London. Here it is:

* Update 29.7.2011: My name IS on the article after all! It's in small print right along the spine (you can barely see it here). A friend's eagle eye spotted it. I'm still missing from the contributor's page though, but maybe that's their policy for non-feature articles.

* Update 3.8.2011: The editor apologised for leaving out my name on the contributor's page, apparently it was an oversight on their part.
Gorgeous Jul-Aug 2011

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