Saturday, September 10, 2011

Circle of life

After the festive season, I jumped right back into work at the office, and kept myself busy with various writing and crafting projects. While I like having things to do and challenging myself with creative projects, strangely, these past few weeks have been somewhat 'muddled' by a series of emotional ups and downs. Such is life, I suppose, but I am determined to make something positive come out of this mental 'haze'.

I think this picture I took a few days ago, of my son playing with a sparkler and 'drawing' a circle in the air, sums things up quite well. It suggests to me that the moments in our lives are fleeting. They may burn bright if we let them, but eventually, everything fades away. We're left with the experience. A memory. It is what we do with the fleeting moments in our lives that count.

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