Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Cendana Spa, Shah Alam

For my birthday, my husband treated me to a day at the spa! I've always wanted to go to a spa, but had constantly felt that I could never 'relax' knowing that I'm spending loads of cash on a few hours of bliss. So, when my husband found an affordable spa in Shah Alam, I was overjoyed!

The name of the spa we chose is Cendana Spa, located in Section 7, Shah Alam. We had read several positive reviews on its treatments, and so thought it'd be a safe bet. My husband called in advance to book an appointment. I chose the Manja Cendana package and added on a milk bath.

The spa is located in a shop lot, which isn't very glamourous, but don't let that turn you off! Its sign is somewhat obscured by the restaurant's though, so look carefully!

This is the reception area. The spa isn't 'posh' but it's cosy, I liked it. If it was too posh, I'd probably feel 'intimidated!' I was attended to by a very sweet young lady named Anis. 

This is the waiting room. I had arrived early, so I spent some time here watching TV and reading Malay entertainment magazines as Anis prepared the spa goodies. It was my first time in a spa, so I was a little nervous! The room was okay, but they should really invest in new sofas.

This is a view from the sofa. When Anis was ready for me, I was asked to change into a batik lepas and bathrobe - very comfy! They do provide disposable undies, but I think plus-sized ladies (like me) wouldn't find them very comfortable. They're tiny! 

My first treatment was the foot spa. It involves a soak, scrub, gentle massage and moisturising. I was a little nervous, as I was in unfamiliar surroundings, and a stranger was touching my feet. But I chatted with Anis to find more about her and felt more at ease.
After the foot spa, it was off to the treatment room. I sat in the herbal sauna (the black box in the picture above) for 20 minutes. Beads of sweat trickled off me, very satisfying - detox baby! I sat in the dark as she turned off the lights, but it was nice :)

Next was the full body massage. Anis is a very good masseuse, her hands may look tiny, but they're strong! The massage lasted for an hour or more, and it was a head to toe deal... so good...

The best part of the entire treatment for me, however, was the milk bath! So warm and soothing! Anis lit flickering tea lights and fragrant chrysanthemums floated around me. I loved it so much! I'm so glad I added it to my spa package :)

Here's a look at the corridor to the treatment rooms :) After the milk bath, I proceeded the the next room for a relaxing facial. I had never had one before! It was great! In all, the five treatments took more than 3 hours to complete, which felt like a lot of pampering! The entire experience costed just RM190! Fabulous!

I was extremely happy with the treatments and my 'spa-tician' was courteous, polite and kind. I don't like it when people are too chatty or intrusive, know what I mean? I will definitely go again and I highly recommend Cendana Spa to all of you :)

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