Thursday, February 2, 2012

I baked bread!

Okay, I'm sooooo excited... 'cause I've just baked bread for the first time and it didn't turn out as hard as rocks (as mum insisted it would)! In fact, they're nice and fluffy.. squeee! I used organic wholemeal bread flour :) As you can see, I made some knots and buns.

I made these using a recipe I found on Simply Recipes for garlic knots. I followed the ingredients exactly, but I got to cut down on proofing time (time needed to let the dough rise), perhaps because I live in the tropics :) 

I did make garlic and parsley butter, but believe it or not, it burned on the stove because I got so excited fussing over the bread! LOL. That's okay though, because the bread tastes yummy on its own :)

You can check out more amazing recipes such as these on my Pinterest.

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