Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outsmart Sneaky Germs with Kleenex Wipes!

Ever wondered why you, your friends and family members seem to be getting ill more often these days? Colds, coughs, sore throats, food poisoning... you can blame them all on - germs. Bacteria and viruses are all around us, and because they’re invisible to the human eye, sometimes we forget that they’re there. 

My son Amir likes to eat with his hands, so I like keeping a pack of Kleenex Wipes nearby. I also like to use the wipes to wipe down and clean the tables when we're eating out.

Compost Diary part 3

Okay, so about 3 weeks ago, I started using my BioSense Kitchen Waste Composter. At the end of week one, I buried my fermented compost indoors in a small plastic container for about 2 weeks. I've been too busy to check on its progress, but today I finally got the chance to see if it worked as it should. The verdict is (drum roll please)... IT WORKED!

See? All the gross-looking fermented waste has disintegrated into the soil! Voila! Best of all, throughout the 'burying' process, there was no smell whatsoever.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I.M. magazine June 2012

Just got back from the dentist... endured lots of drilling... but I'm fine :) Must.. take.. better care.. of teeth... On the brighter side of things, I have 2 articles in I.M. magazine this month. Check them out:

IM magazine June 2012

Welcome 2019: Time to Grow

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so so excited for 2019 and everything that it'll bring. I'm starting the year with gratefulness for...