Mama dan Si Manja 2012 Vol 1

I must say I'm very proud of this project, because it's the first time my work has been published in Malay! Plus, I didn't just work on an article, I worked on the entire book! Yep, you read right, I was responsible for compiling content for this 160-pager, which also involved adapting and translating content from English. I even came up with the title - Mama dan Si Manja! I'd like to thank the publisher, Ace Premier, for their trust in me, and my deepest gratitude goes out to Baby Talk editor Cindy, for suggesting me for the job. The guidebook retails for RM18 and is now available at newsstands and bookstores throughout Malaysia. You can check out the book's table of contents below:
Mama & Si Manja 2012 Vol 1


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