Monday, October 22, 2012

Kleenex Ultra Soft fresh Blogger Contest Prize - Part 1

I got a big surprise today... In the form of six packs of 20 rolls of Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh bath tissues! They were delivered to my office this afternoon. Needless to say, the security personnel got a bit of a shock, as did I when I saw what had come for me! Thing is, I wasn't expecting a delivery at all. Apparently, I won the consolation prize for the Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh Blogger Contest I entered some time back. My prize is a 6-month supply of bath tissues and an RM250 shopping voucher (which will be sent separately). 

Sorry for the unglamorous shot, but here are the six large packs of Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh sitting in the corner of my office. Incidentally, my office smells really nice and fresh right now! I opened a pack and distributed the contents to my colleagues. They were really surprised as they've never come across scented bath tissues before! Thank you Kleenex!

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