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Buka puasa @ Vistana Hotel, KL

My husband and I got together with a bunch of friends for buka puasa last week. We didn't want to spend a bomb, so we chose Vistana Hotel, KL :)

Vistana Hotel Iftar
Here's a view of the front of the hotel from across the street.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (14)
Vistana serves its buka puasa spread on 2 levels - at their restaurant on the ground floor and around the pool area on level 3. We made reservations a day ahead for a table for 10 and got a spot at the banquet hall next to the pool. Good news is, its near the surau too.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (13)
Ok, enough about the surroundings... on to the food. Well, as you can see, the food was presented in a clean and organised manner. There was lots of local fare, but there was also some western selections too, mainly salads and pastas.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (31)
For starters, murtabak, curry and dalca.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (29)
The kung pao squid caught my eye, although I didn't have much of it.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (28)
The highlight was the roast lamb, which was nice and moist. But the downside was, I had to line up for around 30 minutes just to get the lamb. I didn't even bother with the satay after that.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (27)
The self-service rojak buah counter.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (26)
A selection of kerabu.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (25)
Rojak pasembor and ulam.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (24)
An array of sambal and kampung condiments.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (23)
Salad and dressings.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (22)
Here's where you can make your own tom yam noodle soup.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (21)
Steam your own kerang! There was a long line though, so I didn't have any.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (18)
Sembilang masak lemak tempoyak... yum.. my fave!
Vistana Hotel Iftar (20)
Another of my faves, paru masak cili :)

Vistana Hotel Iftar (19)
I love lemak ikan masin with nenas, but this was way too hot for me.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (32)
Here's what I ate, note that I didn't take any rice, of which there were three varieties - white, tomato and briyani. I did have some spaghetti aglio e olio though. 

Vistana Hotel Iftar (15)
Here's the dessert station.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (16)

Vistana Hotel Iftar (17)
Jellies... cakes and fruit.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (30)
Ice kacang and ice cream... I shared a big bowl of mint chocolate chip with the girls...

Vistana Hotel Iftar (10)
I was so busy eating, that I forgot to take a picture of the banquet hall we were seated in :P But, basically, it looks like any other average-sized banquet hall you've ever seen, with big round tables. Here's a picture of their ground-level restaurant though. I snapped this upon our arrival.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (12)
Here's where they serve the food on the ground level.

Vistana Hotel Iftar (11)
And here too...

Vistana Hotel Iftar (1)
So what's the damage, you ask? The buka puasa buffet at Vistana Hotel costs RM55 per adult and RM38 per child. 

Pros: Affordable and, I think, very worth it. The food was good and well presented; the banquet hall was presentable and the seating was comfy.

Cons: Having to line up for quite a while for the lamb and satay; the cramped surau; and the loud Hari Raya tunes that they played prior to Azan Maghrib (My friend had to ask them to turn it down 3-4 times, we couldn't talk and it was giving us a headache. Plus they kept turning it back up). 

Overall though, my friends and I enjoyed ourselves. Good food, great friends, what could be better? We will definitely come back again. Here are some details on Vistana:

9 Jalan Lumut, Off Jalan Ipoh, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 3 4042 8000
Fax: +60 3 4041 1400

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin everyone!

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