Friday, March 21, 2014

I have gestational hypertension :(

Hi all, sorry I haven't been updating for a while. About 2 weeks ago, during a routine check up at the Kelana Jaya Health Clinic, I was found to have developed pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH). The last fortnight has been a roller coaster of emotions (which can't be good for blood pressure), but I suppose I had to get it out of my system.

My manual BP reading at the clinic two weeks ago was an alarming 180/120 and it didn't go down much, even after some time. At that point, there was only trace protein in my urine, but they found I had a urinary tract infection (UTI), which explains the abdominal pain I've been having. They started me on BP meds, aspirin (blood thinner) and antibiotics. 

Unfortunately, the meds didn't seem to work. When I went in last week, my BP was still high at a manual reading of 150+/80+ and to my horror, they found +1 protein in my urine. I was glad, however, that the doctor and the specialist she consulted decided not to send me off to hospital. Instead, they upped my meds and added calcium to my prescription. 

BP meds by adline✿makes
BP meds, a photo by adline✿makes on Flickr.

A friend of mine was found to have pre-eclampsia not too long ago and she was hospitalised for weeks until she had to deliver her baby via c-section about 4 weeks prematurely. I really hope that I don't develop this condition, but I am trying to prepare myself mentally, in case I do develop it.

I have been advised to take it easy and reduce stress, which means doing less work. As such, I've been turning down new job offers in order to give myself a break. I'm not used to not working my butt off, but I have to do this for my health and the baby. We only have about 12 more weeks to go until baby is here. This is the final stretch!

A friend of mine suggested doing deep breathing to lower my blood pressure. I've been practising it several times a day, and I must say, I think it's helping! I can get readings of 140+/80+ now. I know the numbers aren't great, but it's a start and I hope it lowers further with help from the meds. According to my doctor, hypertension in normal sufferers and pregnant women can be very different. My mum, for example, responds to her hypertension meds really quickly. It 's been tougher for me to respond to my meds.

In a week, I'll be seeing the clinic's specialist. I hope by then I would have made some improvement :) Thinking positive!

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