Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arif Rizqi is home :)

I looked forward to a looong day at the hospital yesterday, as I wanted to spend the morning with Arif at the NICU and then get to my doctor's follow-up appointment at 2.00 pm. After seeing the doctor, I planned to wait for my husband to arrive at the hospital after work and we would stay at the NICU until they closed at 10 pm. 

At around noon, however, the nurse surprised me with news that we could take Arif home! It was totally unexpected! I called up my husband and waited for him to come and help me settle all the administration stuff. By around 5.00 pm, Arif was home. 27 days after being born, he has finally come home to make our family complete.

Caring for a preemie has its unique set of challenges, but I am looking forward to this incredible journey :) 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Where's Malaysia @ Essenze Vol 34.14

In my latest contribution to Essenze magazine, I cover an exciting cartography exhibition @ the BNM MAG.

Power of Colour - Urban Health magazine May 2014

For this month's Urban Health magazine, I interviewed colour therapist Evelyn Leong of Colourzwork for my articles The Colour of Healing and Colour Your Life. Read on and learn how colour can change your life!

The colour of healing & Colouring your life - Urban Health May 2014

My April 2014 articles in Urban Health and BabyTalk magazines

Hi everyone, here are my articles in Urban Health and BabyTalk magazines from April 2014 :)

For Urban Health, I scoured the Internet for the best online resources for parents with special needs children. Check them out!

Meanwhile, in BabyTalk, I discuss the many challenges of eating healthy while being pregnant with gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension.

To eat or not to eat - BabyTalk Apr 2014

My March 2014 articles in Urban Health and BabyTalk magazines

Here are my published articles in both Urban Health and BabyTalk from March 2014:)

First up, in Urban Health, i interviewed Development Pediatrician Dr Juriza Ismail of the UKM Medical centre on how to stimulate baby's brain in utero for my article How to Raise a Smart Baby. In my second article, Remember the Time When... I address how memory works and how we can improve it. 

And, in BabyTalk, I talk about undergoing a multitude of medical tests while pregnant :)

A month of tests - BabyTalk Mar 2014

Catching up on past published articles - Welcoming the New Year with Courage & Hope - BabyTalk Feb 2014

Hi everyone, I'm catching up on all my published articles in the past few months. Here's my contribution to February 2014's BabyTalk, where I write about facing a new year after leaving my job of 12 years and being pregnant!  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm a survivor

Dear family, friends & readers,

I had an emergency c section on April 30th, following my third hypertensive crisis due to pre-eclampsia. Our son Arif Riqzi weighed 1.36kg at birth and will be staying at the neonatal icu for a while. He is doing ok though and like his mum, is a fighter. I was discharged from my long stay in hospital yesterday. Looking forward to a speedy recovery and bringing Arif Rizqi home. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.

Love always,
Adline xoxo

To find out more about pre-eclampsia, which is a life-threatening pregnancy disorder, please watch this video and share it with your family and friends. You could save lives!

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