Arif Rizqi is home :)

I looked forward to a looong day at the hospital yesterday, as I wanted to spend the morning with Arif at the NICU and then get to my doctor's follow-up appointment at 2.00 pm. After seeing the doctor, I planned to wait for my husband to arrive at the hospital after work and we would stay at the NICU until they closed at 10 pm. 

At around noon, however, the nurse surprised me with news that we could take Arif home! It was totally unexpected! I called up my husband and waited for him to come and help me settle all the administration stuff. By around 5.00 pm, Arif was home. 27 days after being born, he has finally come home to make our family complete.

Caring for a preemie has its unique set of challenges, but I am looking forward to this incredible journey :) 


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