Friday, April 17, 2015

Making baby food in a rice cooker

I love making my own baby food for Arif, who's turning one at the end of this month. Not only is making your own baby food cost effective, but it enables you to create your own recipies too. Arif's still not too keen on chunky textures, so I am sticking to thick purees for now. I usually steam his veges and fruits, but occasionally, I make vegetable porridge - in my rice cooker! 


Here, I've combined a cup of rice, broccoli, pumpkin, carrot and bok choy. It turns out bok choy wasn't a good addition, as it left some strands of fibre. I'll leave it out next time. Perhaps spinach would be a better substitute for a leafy vege.

Then, I just add water to cover the ingredients, press cook and let the rice cooker do its thing. Once the porridge is done, I let it cool and then blitz it in the blender, with some extra boiled water. Lastly, I pour the pureed porridge into an ice cube tray and freeze. Voila! Baby food for a week :)

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