Friday, July 10, 2015

Visit from Ikea Team

Several months ago, I dropped by Ikea to get some stuff and while I was strolling along with Arif, a n Ikea staff member approached me. Basically, they were looking for people who would allow a team from Ikea to visit their homes, conduct and interview and take pictures. They wanted to understand the problems faced by home owners and create solutions that they would feature in their revamped store display. I was more than happy to sign up, and on 2nd July, the team dropped by.






Thanks for visiting Ikea!


Lee said...

Hello Adline, Wow! First time I read something like this. Good marketing as well learning first hand about purchased Ikea's products.
You have a very nice comfy home, love your nice decor too.
Thats a lot of goodies Ikea's presented....
Have fun, and keep well.

Adline Writes said...

Thank you for visiting Lee! My home is compact & I try to make it cosy. Glad you like it :)

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