Monday, October 12, 2015

Play Doh sets a National Record!

My sincere apologies for this late posting everyone! I've been super busy and our family has been a little under the weather since the haze struck. So let's travel back in time a bit to 26th September, when Amir and I attended Play Doh's "Shape a Colourful Community" event at Ground Floor High Street 1 Utama.

There was a big crowd and everyone's busy making sculptures!

We arrived a little to the event, so there was already a lot of families busy making sculptures. However, there was still much to do, as the aim that day was to create as many Play Doh sculptures as possible. Amir and I registered and got right to work!

We made our sculptures on this little mat because all the tables were taken up :)

With PlayDoh, it isn't  hard to get our creative juices flowing. All those bright colours and that amazing texture - so easy to work with! Before we knew it, we had a bunch of tiny sculptures! We based our creations on what we love most about Malaysia - its rich diversity of wildlife!

Here are the sculptures we made. Our theme was Malaysian flora and fauna :)

As I looked around, I could see all kinds of amazing and imaginative sculptures in the works - it was awesome!

Here's my favourite PlayDoh sculpture that Amir made. I just love this bug and all its bright colours!

Image 1 - Play-Doh Month 2015
By the end of the day, Play Doh successfully made the national record for the "Most Number of Play-Doh Sculptures Created in an Event" with 1,899 sculptures!

What an amazing feat! Next year, they should aim to break to record with 2,000 sculptures!

(Right) Ms Evelyn Hah, Country Manager of Hasbro Toy Malaysia & Singapore unveils the final number of sculptures with Ms Lee Pooi Leng, The Malaysia Book of Records Official, witnessed by Doh Doh, Play-Doh's beloved official mascot!
We had a really great time, thanks so much PlayDoh! Looking forward to lots more fun with PlayDoh in the future :) #playdohmonth2015

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