Monday, March 21, 2016

Ode to Oftast

I went to Ikea last weekend to buy a few sinks, yes sinks (that's a first for me!) and I came across two new additions to Ikea's Oftast range. Previously they had dinner plates and soup bowls, which practically flew off the shelves each time I saw them. Now they have side plates and soup plates! I was so excited I had to grab some! 

I love them for their simplicity and quality. Plus, they're super inexpensive at just RM2,90 each. Oh, did I mention they're made in France? Just like arcopal and arcoroc. I've been using them for quite some time and find them to be resistant to bumps and scratches. They are also light-weight, like Corelle. They do look a bit like Corelle's Winter Frost don't they? 

I love these Oftast plates from Ikea. Simple, inexpensive and lightweight #ikea

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Survive the Public Toilets with Kleenex

When it comes to  public toilets, I'm one of those people who would rather hold it in rather than risk it. To be honest, I've got way too many public toilet horror stories to share, but the one I want to tell you about today goes beyond stinky stalls, filthy floors and the lack of toilet paper.

Jihan Muse demonstrates the typical nightmarish experiences that we encounter in public toilets. 

Due to my aversion to using public toilets, I've actually developed a health condition - bladder stones. Years ago, I worked in a place where the only toilets I could access were the unisex office toilet and public toilets. I chose the latter for personal reasons, but I would often have to look for a clean or tolerable one. If one was unavailable, I would just have to hold it :(

After a few years of this, I started having abdominal pains and then one day, I noticed blood on my undergarments. It wasn't 'that time of the month,' so I was puzzled. I went to see the doctor and she told me I had bladder stones... I was in my early 20s! I'm turning 40 this year and I still fight to keep this pesky and painful condition at bay. So you see? Avoiding public toilets can actually be harmful to your health! So my advice is - NEVER hold it in. 

But what can you do to negotiate and survive public toilets? 

Do you think your public toilet survival kit might consist of these items? A face mask to stand the stench, a band-aid for any injuries you might incur and a whistle for emergencies? Hope not!

So far, here's how I've survived public toilets:

1. I never leave home without tissues - In case there's no toilet paper and you need to cover the toilet seat.
2. I always bring a bottle of water - For washing, in case there isn't a working/ clean bidet.
3. I carry hand sanitisers - To sanitise my hands after touching the toilet door, flush, bidet, tap etc.

Trust me, these survival kit essentials come in real handy, not just when you're out and about, either shopping or running errands. They're also good for road trips, especially indispensable in helping you survive petrol station and rest stop toilets!

But needless to say, these things are pretty cumbersome and they're a lot to carry around. So thankfully, Kleenex has come up with just the thing we all need - Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues!

Check out these handy little packets! They're small, but they can be life savers!

Small in size, light and easy to carry around, it's the perfect travel companion. Plus, it’s easy to use too! With Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues you can feel fresh and confident whenever and wherever you need to use the toilet, giving you a “home-clean” feel. No more nightmares!

They fit perfectly into small bags and are light-weight to boot.

If you'd like to try the Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues. Join Kleenex® and Jihan Muse today to Survive Public Toilets. You can request a free sample pack and participate in a simple quiz contest to win a year’s supply of Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues by registering at

For more information on Kleenex® in general, log on to the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page ( or call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free).


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Compact Living Part 2: A family room that does it all

My family and I live in 790 sqft. That's my husband and I, our two kids, and for half of the week, my mum too. For me, personally, I love living in a small home. I think it makes us more creative and efficient in our use of space, and more conscious about what we need and bring into our lives. 

Today, I'd like to invite you into my living room, or our 'family' room as I like to call it, because this is where we spend most of our time. We do lots of things in this space, watching TV, reading, eating, playing and even sleeping! So welcome in!

our sofa

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Krumba juice! A refreshing gift from my husband

I've been feeling unwell lately, with a mild fever, cough and running nose, which causes awful headaches. Needless to say I've been cranky too. But yesterday, I got a surprise from my husband - a delivery of Krumba juice! The lovely gesture lifted my spirits and the juices are giving me the 'pick me up' I need :)


Krumba is a Malaysian food and beverage brand with an outlet at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara. They serve mainly gelato and coconut shake (which they call 'shaka'), but from what I gather, their cold-pressed juices are a recent addition to their menu. They're currently offering delivery services in the Klang valley - how cool is that! Just look at this lovely 'bouquet' of juices!

Krumba juice from my hubby :)

What was in it? 8 bottles of different juice mixes in recyclable/reusable glass bottles. They're 350 ml each. There were also pink roses and a note, all in a big metal bucket.

Krumba juice

I got 8 juices in all, So far, I've had the coconut water, Tummy Tuck, Pretty Sexy and Beach Body. Here's what I thought of them:

Coconut: It was a hot afternoon and I really needed this. It tasted sweet, natural and comforting. There were chia seeds in it and coconut flesh for extra bite. I liked it, but you do need some ingenuity to get at that coconut flesh :)

Tummy Tuck: Concocted to help you energise and improve digestive health, this clean-tasting juice contains apple, ginger and chia seeds. I couldn't really taste the apple, but there was a fruity taste to it. The ginger wasn't too overpowering for me and the chia seeds gave added texture.

Pretty Sexy: With a bright pink/red colour, this one looked the most appealing. Containing superfoods like strawberry, watermelon and mint, it is said to have anti-ageing and immune boosting properties. Quite sweet, much like watermelon juice with a hint of mint.

Beach Body: This is my favourite so far. With yummy pineapple, lime and ginger, it's said to  have antioxidant and fat burning properties. I just love the refreshing taste and it made me more alert :)

Black Magic: I love beets, but I didn't quite enjoy this blood-cleansing juice. It was mainly because the juice had turned a little sour and was starting to go off. Krumba juices do not contain preservatives, so you need to drink them fast. I drank this the day after I received it. I think drinks that contain sugary root veges, like beets and carrots will have a tendency to go off first. So if you get this, drink it right away.

Super Vision: Like Black Magic, this one was a little sour when I drank it and was starting to go off. So I can't really say that I enjoyed it that much.

Wonder Bee: This immune system boosting mix was very tart, but I didn't mind it. It would certainly banish nausea hands down :)

Toxinator: This detoxifying blend of cucumber, spinach, lemon and apple looked a little scary, being green and all. But it tasted just fine :) If you want to drink your veges, this is a great way to go!

Did these juices help me get back on track? I think they certainly helped. My body needed the vitamins and minerals. So there you have it, I hope you liked the review and that you'll give Krumba juice a try! In the meanwhile, do check out Krumba's FB page.

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