Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Krumba juice! A refreshing gift from my husband

I've been feeling unwell lately, with a mild fever, cough and running nose, which causes awful headaches. Needless to say I've been cranky too. But yesterday, I got a surprise from my husband - a delivery of Krumba juice! The lovely gesture lifted my spirits and the juices are giving me the 'pick me up' I need :)


Krumba is a Malaysian food and beverage brand with an outlet at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara. They serve mainly gelato and coconut shake (which they call 'shaka'), but from what I gather, their cold-pressed juices are a recent addition to their menu. They're currently offering delivery services in the Klang valley - how cool is that! Just look at this lovely 'bouquet' of juices!

Krumba juice from my hubby :)

What was in it? 8 bottles of different juice mixes in recyclable/reusable glass bottles. They're 350 ml each. There were also pink roses and a note, all in a big metal bucket.

Krumba juice

I got 8 juices in all, So far, I've had the coconut water, Tummy Tuck, Pretty Sexy and Beach Body. Here's what I thought of them:

Coconut: It was a hot afternoon and I really needed this. It tasted sweet, natural and comforting. There were chia seeds in it and coconut flesh for extra bite. I liked it, but you do need some ingenuity to get at that coconut flesh :)

Tummy Tuck: Concocted to help you energise and improve digestive health, this clean-tasting juice contains apple, ginger and chia seeds. I couldn't really taste the apple, but there was a fruity taste to it. The ginger wasn't too overpowering for me and the chia seeds gave added texture.

Pretty Sexy: With a bright pink/red colour, this one looked the most appealing. Containing superfoods like strawberry, watermelon and mint, it is said to have anti-ageing and immune boosting properties. Quite sweet, much like watermelon juice with a hint of mint.

Beach Body: This is my favourite so far. With yummy pineapple, lime and ginger, it's said to  have antioxidant and fat burning properties. I just love the refreshing taste and it made me more alert :)

Black Magic: I love beets, but I didn't quite enjoy this blood-cleansing juice. It was mainly because the juice had turned a little sour and was starting to go off. Krumba juices do not contain preservatives, so you need to drink them fast. I drank this the day after I received it. I think drinks that contain sugary root veges, like beets and carrots will have a tendency to go off first. So if you get this, drink it right away.

Super Vision: Like Black Magic, this one was a little sour when I drank it and was starting to go off. So I can't really say that I enjoyed it that much.

Wonder Bee: This immune system boosting mix was very tart, but I didn't mind it. It would certainly banish nausea hands down :)

Toxinator: This detoxifying blend of cucumber, spinach, lemon and apple looked a little scary, being green and all. But it tasted just fine :) If you want to drink your veges, this is a great way to go!

Did these juices help me get back on track? I think they certainly helped. My body needed the vitamins and minerals. So there you have it, I hope you liked the review and that you'll give Krumba juice a try! In the meanwhile, do check out Krumba's FB page.

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