Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First visit to Starling Mall, PJ


We decided to visit The Starling Mall in Damansara Uptown last weekend, because a friend told us it's a relatively quiet mall. When we go out, we need to consider if the place is suitable for Arif, who is autistic, because he finds crowded or noisy areas uncomfortable.

The Starling is "The Mall in the Park," which accounts for the nature-inspired theme throughout the mall. A "starling" is a type of bird that is best-known for their murmurations or flocking behaviour and the mall actually has an installation of a starling murmuration, as you can see below.

The starlings here have a steampunk feel, as they have gears and bolts, like they're robot birds.

What else did we see at the mall? Click below to find out.

Here's a view of the installation from ground level. It goes all the way up to the skylight.

The Information Counter is shaped like a bird's nest!

The thing I like about this mall is the wide walkways. The ramp that goes up to their parking lots are also nice and wide.

Here's a hanging garden. It's faux plants, but it does look nice.

Another thing that I like about the mall is that they have a family washroom AND a baby changing area on every floor. This makes it convenient for parents who are alone with their kids. When Amir was younger and we went to malls, I worried about sending him into the men's washroom alone, whenever my husband wasn't around.

Here's a glimpse of the baby changing room, which is beside the family washroom. Sorry it's not such a good picture, I couldn't leave Arif in there for long and he needed a diaper change!

We were also excited that there was a Book Excess here. So we made a beeline for it!
Sorry for this blurry photo! Its a big store, you could get lost in there!

There's a cafe next door :)

We treated ourselves to an iced latte, cheesecake, cookies and root beer.

There's also a Daiso here, so we just HAD to check it out. I bought some sensory toys for Arif. This outlet is pretty big, but my favourite Daiso outlet is still the one in Paradigm Mall. I like their layout better.

On weekends, there's a flea market on the ground floor. It's mostly crafts and accessories, so if you're hunting vintage stuff, Amcorp Mall is still your best bet.

We didn't have time to check out the cinema, but as you can see here, there is one ;)

The store that would have most ladies excited, is probably SSF, a home decor haven.

There are rows and rows of faux flowers, if you're into that sort of thing.

I love these storage boxes, but managed to resist buying anything that day haha!

They have pretty cool-looking beds!

They have all kinds of home furnishings and decor items!

Check out these cool decorative tins in the shape of vintage radios!

There's also an ice-themed play area for small children. I'd very much like to take Arif there, but I am a little worried about it, because he doesn't understand instructions and can be rough with other kids. I'll have to have a closer look inside.

And since the Starling Mall is a "Mall in the Park," they do have quite a bit of greenery. This is the garden on the ground floor, we didn't check it out much because it was midday and very hot. I took a couple of photos of their rooftop garden. I'll share those with you in my next post :)

The mall has a lot more to offer, but we only visited stores we were interested in. Overall, we had a good outing to Starling Mall and we'll head back there again should the need arise. At present there are quite a few stores that haven't opened, so the mall is a bit quiet. But that all might change soon!

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