Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sticky Situation: Developing Fine Motor With Stickers

Arif admiring his handiwork. He put some stickers on a monster during one of our home art classes.

When I was a kid, I loved stickers. I even used to collect them, though I didn't have much pocket money to spend on them. But guess what? I still love stickers to this day! And as an autism mum, I'm finding a new purpose for stickers - as an occupational therapy activity.

One of the ways to help children develop their fine motor skills is by using stickers. Kids love cute and eye-catching stickers and enjoy peeling them off and sticking them onto things. 

Besides helping them to develop fine motor skills, playing with stickers also encourages the ability to sit still and attend to a task. And believe me, for a mum of an autistic kid, getting your child to sit still is a challenge!

Today I'd like to share with you some stickers and a sticker book that I recently got for my son at Daiso. They retail for RM5.90 each.  

Cute puffy animal stickers!

Sticker book from Daiso
Here's a look inside the sticker book.

And here's what you might find when you stroll along the sticker aisle in Daiso. So many to choose from!


Cute stickers at Daiso

We use stickers when we're out and about too. Check out Arif enjoying his sticker book in his stroller.

Reusable stickers and sticker books are cool too!

To end today's brief post, here's a word of advice - don't be too precious with those stickers. Your kid may not play with them properly (clumping them up or placing them upside down). They may even peel them off and throw them around. But don't let that hinder you. Just have fun! 

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