Here's what editors and clients have had to say about my work:

"I'm very pleased to have engaged Adline's writing service for my content publication. She is a highly responsive and very committed writer, she provides prompt replies in all communication. Her writing is very professional and high in quality, she often goes to the extra miles in doing her research in the subject matter just to ensure it's factually correct and relevant. After completing my first project with her for writing 20 articles, I've decided to offer her a new project for another 20 more articles, and plan to offer more projects in the very near future. I highly recommend Adline for content writing services." Jeffrey T, KL.


John Christian, Author, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I write this testimonial for my editor, sanity checker and now, I would like to think, my friend. Why did I write this testimonial? Let’s think, did she pay me? Am I scared of Adline? No. The answer is, I am honoured to say that she’s my editor... She has the ability to read, explore and offer advice without destroying the author’s opinions, views, and in my case, craziness and spots of silliness.

I’m pleased to say that we have now worked on two books, “Table for two, sex not included,” and my latest piece of dribble that I think is QUITE GOOD... My only regret is that I met her after publishing my first book “Bring me a higher life”... I think it would have been a much easier journey if she was with me during that period, as that was my first book and as a author.

I would say I want an editor who doesn’t limit herself to checking grammar and structure, or worse not checking grammar and structure, or picking up mistakes after being told. Authors and writers want a person that goes beyond reading their words, they want them to become entwined and one with the author’s mind and thoughts, then challenge the author to explain parts that may not connect or even disconnect from the theme of the book.

If they do this, as Adline does, the finished product would be an enjoyable journey for all who want to indulge and lose themselves within the words of another... So I, John Robert Christian, would recommend Adline to any person, publisher and even the WORLD... Life is Good, so smile and enjoy it!"


An endorsement from Best in Malaysia. They wrote:

Best Freelance Copywriter
Sat, 01/19/2013 - 17:07 — webmin

Word whiz
The best freelance copywriter I've worked with

When you’re running a business, sometimes it makes more sense to outsource the services you need. For example, I often need help with content. Rather than spending lots of time worrying about what to write and how to write it, I’d rather ask a professional to help. One of the best freelance copywriters that I’ve worked with is Adline, a fellow Malaysian. She has a full-time career by day, but she helps clients with various jobs by night. She has a varied portfolio, from writing for numerous magazines and websites (and even an encyclopedia published in the UK), to providing copyediting services for novels and websites.  Her rates are very reasonable and she conducts herself in a friendly and professional manner. Do check out her blog @ adlinewrites.blogspot.com.


TESTIMONIAL - Gwen Hew, Editor of I.M. magazine

“You’re a true gem to work with! Always ready with new content ideas that seeks to educate, inspire and advocate social change amongst the youth.” - Gwen Hew, Editor of I.M. magazine.

"I’m so glad that I’ve come to discover you not just as a writer but as a friend – a mummy-friend. Not only do you write with perfect sense, but are indeed a good person and mother :) Thanks for putting up with my dad’s banter and yes of cos – my ever-evolving needs when it comes to work and assignments. It’s been such a delight working with you and I hope this relationship continues on." - Fiona Rebecca Biggs, Editor of Gorgeous magazine.

"I love the depth and the different angles you reflect on the issue, as well as the very practical suggestions as to how to go about teaching your child about culture." - Joy Entry, Editor of Mother & Baby magazine.
"Ng Loke Koon who edited your paper was so delighted with the language flow that he described it almost spotless." - Dr Lee Kam Hing, Honorary Advisor of Heritage Asia magazine.

"It has been a pleasure having you on board and I am very impressed with your contribution and articles. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to more exciting articles." - Ch'ng Huck Theng, Managing Director of MarketSource Sdn. Bhd., Publisher of Essenze, Frezh and IN Penang magazines.

"The 500-word article we received is amazingly great. Our objective for this introduction was to be more keyword centric so that it can reach more travelers. I must say, you managed to successfully deliver, not only the 500 words, but the result we wanted. Nice job done!"Earpin Lee, Founder of A4trip.com.

"Your brilliant perspective on life has had an appealing impact on your writings. You constantly engage readers through thought-provoking and captivating articles, stimulating both the serious and humorous sides in all of us. You're a very valuable member of our team, consistently achieving good results and delivering on all expectations."Anna Chew, Founder of Venusbuzz.com.

"Thank you so much for helping me write my artist statement. I wouldn't have been able to fully express my vision in words otherwise." - Erna Dyanty, Photographer.

"Glad to have you as our contributor!" - Damelia Ajla, Editor of Best Buds magazine.

testimonial - Brag about bags

Thank you for your beautiful words for Brag About Bags. You've certainly have made shopping online an enjoyable experience! Keep on writing, your words are an inspiration.” - Nonie, Founder of Brag About Bags.

"Thank you for your great work and incredible professionalism - you're a star!" - Shantini Suntharajah, Founder/Owner of Strike A Prose.

"Thanks for editing the content of our website. Although you're not an IT geek, you take the time to understand what we’re trying to say and convey it perfectly. Through your clever use of words and interesting way of writing, you've helped our clients understand us better!" - Earnpin Lee, Founder of 1.com.my.

Here's what people have to say about the articles I've written about them. I do love making people happy!

"Wow! That is the best article ever! Thank you! I really feel like you listened and even though we have not met, you seem to know the real me! Thank you!" - Debbra Lee, Owner of Fit For 2 on the article I wrote about her fitness studio in Mother & Baby magazine.

"I felt so happy, proud and blessed when I saw your write up. I never thought I'd be interviewed by someone! It's the same thing I emailed you, but when you rephrase it, it looks so different. That's what we call a good writer!" - Henni Lee, Owner of Gifts from Heaven on the article I wrote about her online store in Venusbuzz.com.

"Thank you so so much! That was a great article. Appreciate it heaps and heaps!!" - Chris of Itsy Beadsy on one of the articles I wrote about her blog shop in Venusbuzz.com.

"Heheheheheheh...tengah senyum ni sampai telinga (I am smiling from ear to ear) ...hehehe. Thanks so much!!! I feel like dancing now! now! now!" - Mango of Mangosteenskin on the article I wrote about her rubber stamps in Venusbuzz.com.

"Thanks so much for the interview! What a good way to start today!" - Amy Tan, Founder and publisher of Just Dance! magazine on our interview in VenusBuzz.com.

"Thank you so much! You've truly captured and worded it so well. Once again your kind review on signedsealed-delivered has been such an encouragement to me." - Shalyn of Signed.Sealed.Delivered. on our interview in Venusbuzz.com.

"I saw your write up on Baby Kneez on Venusbuzz.com. Thank you so much for your wonderful write up." Ms Wong, Owner of Kasihku Sayangku on a feature I did on Baby Kneez in Venusbuzz.com.

I too read your write up on Venusbuzz.com and I was more then thrilled with your kind words!  Thank you so much for including Baby Kneez as a feature, I am very grateful. This must be so encouraging for Ms. Wong at Kasihku Sayangku and I must say, your writing style is truly wonderful!" -  Celine Caron, Owner of Baby Kneez on a feature I did on Baby Kneez in Venusbuzz.com.

More testimonials & feedback to come!

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