Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: The Everly Putrajaya

The family and I recently had a brief stay at the Everly Hotel Putrajaya. It has only been open for 2 months and it's also the most affordable hotel in Putraya, with a standard room costing a little under  RM200 a night. Check it out...

TheEverly (8)
Here's the front desk at lobby. I like the decor as it's modern, sleek and understated. I found the staff to be quite friendly and helpful too.

TheEverly (20)
This is the sitting area at the lobby. Ample space and fun colours, without looking tacky. 

TheEverly (19)
The simple but elegant spiral staircase at the lobby.

TheEverly (11)
The corridor that leads to the elevators has a cool, rather cavernous feel to it.

TheEverly (1)
And ta da!! Here's the room! I love everything about it, from the colour of the accent walls (and I don't usually like blue), the artwork, the carpet... everything :) The bed is king-sized and very comfy. If I have one tiny complaint, it's that the room gets pretty cold after a while. Tried increasing the temperature, but it was still quite chilly. 

TheEverly (2)
There's also a flat-screen TV (with no Astro) and a large writing desk. That door next to the desk probably leads to the next room, if you ask for connected rooms that is. 

TheEverly (15)
I adore this seating nook! It's very comfy and I read two books here!

TheEverly (3)
I also really like the bathroom. It's small, but the space is used really well. 

TheEverly (4)
The bright colour and glass shower stall makes the bathroom feel spacious. 

TheEverly (5)
The view from our bedroom window. You can open the top-right pane slightly if you like.

TheEverly (14)
There's a lot of storage space in the room, useful if you're staying for a while. There's also an iron and ironing board, as you can see. Of course there's also a kettle and mini fridge, but I forgot to take a picture of those :P

TheEverly (16)
There's a hair dryer in the desk drawer.

TheEverly (17)
This is their restaurant, Fuze. We didn't eat here, but maybe next time. They serve breakfast and lunch until 2pm. Currently they're not open for dinner. * Update 22 July: Fuze will be fully operational very soon says the hotel management :)

TheEverly (18)
Here's a peek inside the restaurant. Looks really spacious, doesn't it? Oh, by the way, at present they don't have room service yet.

TheEverly (7)
I suppose this will be the cafe soon. Looks like it's all there, it's just not open yet. * Update 22 July: The hotel management informs me that the cafe is to be called Neuvo and it will be open soon :)

TheEverly (6)
Here's the pool area. We took the lift from our room to B1 and we were there. 

TheEverly (12)
As expected,. the pool is very popular with families and kids. There's a kiddy pool (0.5m deep) and a grown up pool (1m deep at one end and 1.2m deep at the other).

TheEverly (13)
The pool is long and narrow, it's designed as an "infinity" pool overlooking the Putrajaya lake. 

TheEverly (9)
Another thing I like about this hotel, is that it's a 2-minute walk away from Alamanda shopping centre. Super convenient! 

TheEverly (10)
Here's a view of the Everly from Alamanda. Basically, when you walk to Alamanda from the Everly, you'll come across eateries like Dome Cafe and TGIF.

Overall, I'd say our stay at the Everly was very pleasant and it didn't cost us a bomb. I'll definitely stay here again :) Here are details of The Everly Hotel, which is managed by the Everly Group:

No.1 Jalan Alamanda 2, Precint 1, 62000 Putrajaya MALAYSIA 
Tel: (60)3 8892 2929  Fax: (60)3 8892 2828


Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback bro, indeed a good review. Will stay there soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adline, At last, with your help i found the pool. My self and my family are heading there in July very reasonably priced but didn't seem to have a pool, so thats good news...loved your review...Thanks Mark

Unknown said...

Nice share

Anonymous said...

hi does the room have a bathtub?

Adline Writes said...

Hi there, the standard room we stayed in did not have a tub :)

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