Ikat Robes of Central Asia @ Heritage Asia magazine

It brings me great pleasure to announce - my debut in Heritage Asia magazine! I figured, for my very first attempt, I should write something I'm familiar with. Over the years, I've become quite acquainted with Central Asian ikats, so that's what I chose to work with. My submission ended up as a 4-page spread.

Central Asian ikat are amazing - colourful, vibrant and bold. They were worn by the lower-ranking elite, which included wealthy merchants. This was observed by Henri Moser, an ethnographer who visited Central Asia, who noted, "Courtiers of lower rank wore robes of all-silk ikat, velvet, satin and cashmere. Those of the highest rank wore robes of gold brocade".

Social roles were well-defined in Central Asian society and so, there were strict sumptuary codes. One would have suffered a heavy fine and even chastisement if caught donning clothes made of a fabric considered too luxurious for his station! Learn more about it in my article:

Heritage Asia Oct-Dec 2007 (Volume 4.No.4)


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