Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Approaching Kidz magazine

I usually write from an art historian's point of view and while I take great pride and satisfaction in my work as an Assistant Curator, I am first and foremost, a mother. I've been interested in writing from a 'mum's point of view' for some time now and harboured hopes of contributing to a parenting or children's magazine. I wondered if I could and eventually thought - why not! As a working mother and occasional art teacher, I thought that perhaps I could share some of my experiences in parenting and some ideas on teaching art to children.

Looking around for publications to approach, I recalled a local parenting magazine I once picked up for free, called Kidz. I liked it a lot because it was written by parents and kids, plus it looked cheerful and fun. I wrote in to them and got a response from their editor - today! It seems they're interested in hearing more about my ideas. I can't tell you how excited I am at the prospect of being published by Kidz (oh well, maybe I can and just did!). It'll be such a breath of fresh air!

I promptly replied with suggestions that I am proud to say were well thought-out before I even wrote to them. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed. Hopefully they'll like my material enough to publish it.

Here's an excerpt from their website, describing what the magazine is all about:

"We are the Number 1 English-language FREE parenting magazine in Malaysia. As a Special Interest Publication that is fresh, vital and grabs attention, we have developed a powerful and trusting friendship with a large community of parents to whom our magazine is distributed. Every month, Kidz ' circulation of 25,000 reaches leading child learning centres, international and private schools across Malaysia where it is received directly by parents of students in various learning institutions. It is also given out for free at top malls, retail outlets, restaurants and family-related businesses and establishments, including public utilities, hospitals and clinics. Kidz enjoys the captive following and a readership base of 60,000."

Click this link to visit the Kidz Magazine Website.

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