Have e-book will travel!

I was asked to write a short article on a travel destination recently, by a website called A4trip.com. They offer travel guidebooks online - convenience at your fingertips! The team liked what I came up with and promptly handed me another assignment. Happy days! If you're into travel, do check out their website, blog and e-books!


Earnpin said…
Hi Adline, you have done a great job and we appreciate so much of your help. We are launching our new website today, will keep you informed. Cute baby on left! :)
Earnpin said…
The link from the a4trip logo not working :)
Adline A. Ghani said…
Dear Pin,
Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your super dynamic team!

The cute baby on the left is me at 3 or 4 months :)

*Oops* sorry! I've fixed the logo link, thanks for the heads up.

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