Friday, July 4, 2008

Digitise Your Heritage & The Daily Grind @ Mother & Baby magazine

Is it the middle of the year already? Goodness me! The July issue of Mother & Baby is out, and two of my articles are in it. This month's cover story "Digitise your heritage," has an interesting back story. It was inspired by a trip to a magazine shop. While there, I caught a glimpse of a tech magazine that had an article about the gadgets and software you can use to, well, digitise stuff.

Next thing I knew, I had a lightbulb moment and voila, out came an article on the importance of: converting your family photos and videos into digital format, and creating a digitised record of precious heirlooms and important documents. Also, I think the bit about making records and back-ups was surely inspired (at least in part) by my museum profession.

My second article, The Daily Grind, was also inspired by personal experience. You see, my son's been grinding his teeth at night for a few months now. Cause for concern? I sought out the answer and whipped it out in writing.

So, when we picked up the magazine today, to my absolute and utter disbelief, my husband actually browsed through the magazine and ended up reading several pages! He then exclaimed in succession: "I must read more when we get home! So many good articles!", "Look! I didn't know they had recipes!" and "There's also a voucher for a slimming treatment!"

As my mouth's gape grew steadily wider, I hoped passers-by didn't notice the half-chewed food dribbling down my chin. I mean, you have to understand... my beloved hubby is a typical 'guy'. He only reads newspapers, tech magazines, Empire and comics!

When I was pregnant with our son, he would come up with all kinds of excuses not to read parenting or pregnancy books and magazines. Looks like Mother & Baby has converted him! So get yours today! Hey, it’s hubby endorsed!

Mother and Baby magazine - June 2008

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