Friday, March 20, 2009

Happiness for this freelance writer is...

... people telling her that they liked what she wrote. I'm sure every writer out there can relate. Recently, Ms Debbra Lee, founder/owner of Fit For 2, was kind enough to write in and tell me what she thought of the article I wrote about her and her studio in the March 09 issue of Mother & Baby magazine.

She said, "Wow! That is the best article ever! Thank you! I really feel like you listened and even though we have not met - you seem to know the real me!" Awwww, she truly made my day :) It's kind gestures like this that keeps me going. Be sure to check out her studio!

1 comment:

jujubean said...

that's a great compliment, a lot of people don't listen - and i certainly know that you do! :) you go girl!