Monday, June 1, 2009

Where's my hamster?

I did a very, very stupid thing yesterday... I fed my hamsters Cuddly and Snuggly, and then I left Snuggly's cage door open. I only noticed that he was missing this morning, and we couldn't really look for him because my husband and I had to go to work. When I arrived home just now, I searched everywhere for him. Still no Snuggly. I'm so worried!!

Still, amidst my growing concern for my pet, I thought of writing a short story about a lost hamster, or about his adventures around the house. A quick search on the Internet yielded that a tale of this sort has already been written by James Preller and published by Scholastic. It's called "Case of Kermie the Missing Hamster".

What a fun read! You can buy the book on and browse inside here. Wish me luck with my hamster hunt... I think I will write that story after I've gotten over the heartbreak of losing my hammie.

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