Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cute Celebrity Chefs

Ladies, fess up, have you ever tuned into a cooking show under the pretext of learning a new recipe, when you're actually ogling at the cute chef on the screen? On come on, I know you've done it! While I love to watch female chefs like Anna Olson, Laura Calder and Nigella Lawson cook up a storm, I, personally, prefer to watch men cook. Maybe it's because I'm not distracted by gratuitous cleavage and licking of spoons... hmm...

Anyway, for no other reason that to provide you with some eye candy, here's my list of cute celebrity chefs (feel free to disagree with me if you like) that I find oh-so watchable:

1. Tom Norrington-Davies
 I just love his show Great British Food! I think it's good of him to feature traditional cooking. Also, I have a thing for bald guys...

2. Bob Blumer
I love watching his show the Surreal Gourmet. It's such a 'happy' show, and his recipes are cool and out of this world! Plus, doesn't he look kind of like a cross between Lyle Lovett and Matthew Morrison, aka Mr Schuester from Glee?

3. Chuck Hughes
His show, Chuck's Day Off, is a lot of fun to watch. His recipes are simple yet inventive, and his energy just comes across in such a positive way. Plus, he's got a megawatt smile :)

4. Michael Smith
Chef Smith is calm and cool in the kitchen, and dispenses great cooking advice. I love his show Chef At Home, I mean, how could you not adore a man who lovingly prepares meals for his wife and kid on every show?

PS: If my gorgeous hubby is reading this, please don't be jealous hun! And, I do watch the shows for the recipes and cooking techniques! Seriously though, the chefs that have made it to my list are very practical and down-to-earth, no nonsense, I like that ;)

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Anonymous said...

just happened to pass by. i'd put tom at the top spot too!

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