Worrywart @ Venusbuzz.com

Hola! I hope your weekend's going great :) A few days ago I blogged about our family time at Taman Paramount Park, and I was inspired by that trip to write an article for Venusbuzz.com on being a 'worrywart!' And look! The story and Amir are on the home page today!

Here's the full article as it appears on Venusbuzz.com:

You know what? I think it's perfectly fine for a mum to be a worrywart, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. A mum's instinct is to protect and nurture her brood, and I do so proudly.

PS: On a separate note, I recently discovered that I am fiercely protective of my husband and son, they're the world to me and nobody messes with them, or they'll suffer my wrath!!!


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