Saturday, June 1, 2013

Declutter diaries: Solution for my Pax wardrobe

Earlier, I blogged about getting a new Pax (Ikea) wardrobe and that I'd find a way to hide the clothes from view, without buying doors. Well... I found a way!

Pax open
Here's what my wardrobe looked before I installed... CURTAINS!

Curtain pax
Ta daaa!!! Want to know how I did t? 

curtain stuff 

Well... I just needed a few things from Ikea:
  • Eivor curtains - RM39.90 (For two panels! What a bargain!)
  • Sy iron-on hemming - RM9.90 (No sewing needed while adjusting length!)
  • Deka wire - RM15.90 x 2 = RM31.80 (Note: It doesn't come with screws)
Total: RM81.60

Deka close up
Check out the Deka wire "socket" so nice and neat! Oh, did I mention... I installed it all by myself! 

I was impatient, so I used what I had on hand. Because my screws were too thin for the existing Pax holes, I had to make new, albeit small holes, to secure my Deka wire sockets in place. If you're thinking of tackling something like this, I's recommend:

* A sturdy stool or ladder

* A cable cutter to cut the Deka wire, because it's tough stuff!

* A pair of pliers to help you fold the Deka wire in two.

* 4 screws with heads small enough to fit into the Deka wire socket, but thick enough to fit snugly into the ready-made Pax holes.

Best of luck!

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