Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foreign Affairs Ministry project @ is website run by that aims to be a 'travel visa guide for everyone,' and I'm currently helping them review and summarise 20 websites of various ministries of foreign affairs in and around Asia. The idea is that instead of having to plow through endless pages, travellers can use the summary to find the links they need.

The first foreign affairs ministry website I summarised was, of course, Malaysia's:

I hope travellers to Malaysia will find it useful :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Launch of Berg Fashion Library

Hey guys! guess what's finally here? The Berg Fashion Library! Berg and Oxford have finally debuted their World Dress collection, check out their home page:

One of the most exciting features of the library is the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, which has 3.6 million words and the equivalent of 10 volumes in print! I'm very proud to say that I was one of the contributors to the encyclopedia :)

So if textiles, fashion and culture are you thing, do check out the table of contents!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Worrywart @

Hola! I hope your weekend's going great :) A few days ago I blogged about our family time at Taman Paramount Park, and I was inspired by that trip to write an article for on being a 'worrywart!' And look! The story and Amir are on the home page today!

Here's the full article as it appears on

You know what? I think it's perfectly fine for a mum to be a worrywart, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. A mum's instinct is to protect and nurture her brood, and I do so proudly.

PS: On a separate note, I recently discovered that I am fiercely protective of my husband and son, they're the world to me and nobody messes with them, or they'll suffer my wrath!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cute Celebrity Chefs

Ladies, fess up, have you ever tuned into a cooking show under the pretext of learning a new recipe, when you're actually ogling at the cute chef on the screen? On come on, I know you've done it! While I love to watch female chefs like Anna Olson, Laura Calder and Nigella Lawson cook up a storm, I, personally, prefer to watch men cook. Maybe it's because I'm not distracted by gratuitous cleavage and licking of spoons... hmm...

Anyway, for no other reason that to provide you with some eye candy, here's my list of cute celebrity chefs (feel free to disagree with me if you like) that I find oh-so watchable:

1. Tom Norrington-Davies
 I just love his show Great British Food! I think it's good of him to feature traditional cooking. Also, I have a thing for bald guys...

2. Bob Blumer
I love watching his show the Surreal Gourmet. It's such a 'happy' show, and his recipes are cool and out of this world! Plus, doesn't he look kind of like a cross between Lyle Lovett and Matthew Morrison, aka Mr Schuester from Glee?

3. Chuck Hughes
His show, Chuck's Day Off, is a lot of fun to watch. His recipes are simple yet inventive, and his energy just comes across in such a positive way. Plus, he's got a megawatt smile :)

4. Michael Smith
Chef Smith is calm and cool in the kitchen, and dispenses great cooking advice. I love his show Chef At Home, I mean, how could you not adore a man who lovingly prepares meals for his wife and kid on every show?

PS: If my gorgeous hubby is reading this, please don't be jealous hun! And, I do watch the shows for the recipes and cooking techniques! Seriously though, the chefs that have made it to my list are very practical and down-to-earth, no nonsense, I like that ;)

* Images via The Guardian UK, and

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rojak @

A dish to reflect the spirit of 1 Malaysia? Rojak!

Copy editing for Business Blogs

Hey there business guys and gals! I have a question for you. Do you have a business blog, or maybe a personal blog that's attached to your business? If you do, and you think that there's room for improvement in your blog posts, you should definitely get someone to proofread and copyedit your posts for you!

Copyediting is crucial for business blogs simply because you'd want to maintain a professional image, and things like spelling and grammatical errors, and incorrect phrases and expressions can turn off potential clients and readers. After all, if you want to convey a thought or idea on your blog, why not make sure the message gets through, right? You never know who'll be reading your blog posts!

Thankfully, some business owners have acknowledged the need for blog copyediting, and have hired yours truly to help them with it! Here are a few posts on business blogs that I've helped to copyedit for a client recently:

1. The Malaysia Email Hosting Blog

2. Malaysia WordPress Blog Hosting
PS: I've noticed that the slogan for the blog above needs a bit of tweaking, so I'm going to make a suggestion to my client :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Love a cupcake @

I do love to highlight the talents of wonderful women who are out there doing their thing, and here's a shining example that I'd like to share with you:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Time @ Taman Paramount Park, PJ

It's been a very busy and rather stressful few weeks for us at work, and this was followed by my body deciding that it'd go all weak and surrender to food poisoning and dehydration...

So, after being cooped up in the bedroom for hours on end, my husband decided to take Amir and I out to Taman Paramount Park for some fresh air. The park is a five-minute drive away from our home.

Here's Amir and daddy moments after we arrived... they headed straight for the lake!

Copy editing Newsletter

Back in March I helped Pin copyedit's first newsletter, and I've just realised that he's hosted it on Scribd! Ch-check it out!
Pin's Free Email Guide

Blogger to Wordpress

I've been thinking about getting my own domain name and maybe migrating to WordPress, so I called upon tech genius and good friend Pin (of and for advice. Here's what he told me...

I'm still thinking about the migrating bit, but very tempted to get my own domain name.. it only costs like RM50 a year :) Also, you might have noticed that I'm hosting a lot of my magazine articles on Scribd now, I love them!

You're Toast @

The toaster - an appliance so incredibly important to my daily life and yet so neglected, which is why I decided to write down how to care for it, lest I continue to forget...

Dazzling @

We've been working very hard to bring this to you, so we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm a Curator & Malacca @ Best Buds magazine

For Best Bud magazine's June-July 2010 issue, I contributed two articles - I'm a Curator and The Historical City of Malacca (seen below), as well as the calendar and goings on pages.


Nasi Ayam @

When in doubt, order chicken rice! But before you do, check out my nasi ayam article @

Upcycle your bedsheets @

Everything can be reused and recycled, including bed sheets. Check out some of the ideas that I've put together for this article on how to 'upcycle' your sheets:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another one bites the dust @

I hate dust... and all that comes with it, so much so I wrote a two-part article on it! Here's Part 1:

And Part 2!

I'm back! And check out Pororo @

I've just had a very busy, roller coaster sort of week, working on what can be described as the biggest exhibition launch of my career! For a few days there, I felt like a complete zombie... surviving on only a few hours of sleep a night and being physically and mentally drained. I'm happy to report, however, that I'm back! And I'm raring to go! 

I'm also pleased to report that seems to have sorted out their glitch, which made the author's names disappear. Now you can see my name again! To usher my 'return,' check out this article I wrote on Playhouse Disney Channel's new show Pororo :)

Welcome 2019: Time to Grow

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so so excited for 2019 and everything that it'll bring. I'm starting the year with gratefulness for...